Why I Love Shopping for My Baby Alone at Target

Ahhh Target.

I live within walking distance to one, and it’s my one-stop shop — food, clothing, toys and home goods.

But more than that, it’s where I go to get ALONE time.

See, I could do a Target run during the day with the 4-year-old and Little L, but I wait until my husband gets home and kids are in bed to pop over and just cruise alone, enjoying the peace and quiet, walking up and down every aisle, and carefully examining every section. It’s amazing that such a simple activity such as shopping without your children can calm you down and provide you with a break from them.

There is no one pulling at me or begging me to buy them anything. It’s just me, the red cart and an entire store to explore. It’s absolutely heavenly!

Of course, I still buy what I came for, which is mostly for my kids — such as diapers, formula, maybe a toy or two, clothing, or a gift for someone.

Here is a selection of all of the Disney items you can pick up at Target when you are out enjoying your alone time!

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