Why I Love (LOVE!) My Real Diaper Bag

I’ve been a parent for nearly three years, and just two weeks ago started using an actual diaper bag. It’s this darling Minnie Mouse Tote Bag, and it’s hard to restrain myself from telling my husband every day how much I love it.

Minnie Mouse Tote BagHere are a few reasons I love it:

  • A zip-close top. The non-diaper bag purse I used with my first child had a magnetic closure, but no zipper. I cannot tell you how many times I made a turn or a quick stop and my purse tumbled off the passenger seat and scattered everything all over the floor of the car.
  • Stroller Loops. I’ll admit, I didn’t even know what these were (or that they existed!) until I got this diaper bag. Now, I don’t want to live without them. Two quick snaps and my bag isn’t dragging on the wheels or slipping off my stroller handle.
  • Exterior Pockets. This was one of my biggest problems with both of the bags I’ve used instead of diaper bags for the last three years. You just NEED at least one pocket you can drop something in without unzipping, opening, or digging around in the main section. This one has two, and I use them constantly.
  • Multiple Interior Pockets. My last purse had a single zippered interior pocket. Whatever was in that pocket was the only thing I could find in the entire purse. Everything else was just a deep ocean of junk floating around. I could never ever find what I was looking for in less than two minutes.
  • DEEP pockets. I love that the pockets are deep enough that when I put something in, it STAYS in. My phone doesn’t fall out, and my sunglasses case stays put.
  • Handles and a Shoulder Strap. I love that I can hold this with one hand or I can sling it over my shoulder.
  • Changing Pad. I’ve never had a changing pad (and actually not had cause to use it yet), but I love that it also acts as a divider inside the main compartment, so you can more easily find things.

I could go on all day about how fantastic this bag is, but I’ll restrain myself. Instead, tell me what you love about YOUR diaper bag?

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