Why I Love Being a Mom

This morning, I was outside on my front porch with my girls, a typical scene in our day-to-day lives. My older 2 were painting on the sidewalk and I was holding my newborn in my lap. The sun was glorious and the breeze, perfect. And while I was sitting there, soaking it all in, I felt an enormous lump in my throat.

I am a mom to 3 girls. 

These beautiful people are my daughters. 

What a gift!


In this ordinary moment, I realized the extraordinary gift that is motherhood. As tired as I am, as much as my kiddos drive me crazy, and as often as I think that someone else’s grass is greener, this is the best gig in all the world. I love being a mom…

What I love most about being a mom is the power to create. Nearly every task of motherhood is also one of creation…

Making and birthing a baby, singing songs in the car, reading to them before bed, exploring color with a neat art project, slowing down to enjoy a creek or a cave, preparing a meal that is beautiful and wholesome…

These are the daily tasks of my life and I could not love them more.

As a mother, I have a great role in helping to write my daughters’ stories. While I know that they’ll write most of it themselves, their foundation, their childhood, is one that I get to help create. As enormous and weighty this task may seem, it’s also a great gift.

I hope so much that they love their story. I pray that they find peace and fulfillment and hope in the life that they lead. I hope they remember the extraordinary moments in the ordinary things, like painting on the sidewalk on a beautiful spring day.

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