Why I Chose Classic Pooh for Our Gender-Neutral Nursery

When I was pregnant with our first baby, my husband and I decided that we wanted the baby’s gender to be a surprise. Even though our entire family was convinced that we were having a boy, I knew that no matter what our baby was, he or she would eventually be joined by more siblings down the line.

Which left us with a dilemma for choosing a nursery theme–we wanted something that could work for either a boy or a girl, but would still be “pretty” enough for my liking, and would be able to be re-used for future babies that would join our family.

Enter the perfect solution: Classic Winnie the Pooh


I decided to register for all of our “big” items, like the baby swing, play pen, bouncer chair and crib bedding set, in the Classic Pooh theme. Not only was the theme a nod to my husband’s favorite beloved character of childhood, but I loved the look of the classic, whimsical Pooh artwork and theme and I knew it would be the perfect gender-neutral solution for our nursery.

And I was right.

Our Winnie-the-Pooh nursery and accessories have served us well through all four children. We have precious pictures of each baby gazing adoringly at their “little friends” as we dubbed the hanging Pooh mobile in their Pooh Swing and they have all enjoyed cuddling up to their super soft Pooh blanket. (In fact, my three-year-old son often steals this blanket still to this day from his baby sister…)

All of the items have stood the test of time through four kids and I was even able to loan the Pooh swing out to a friend of mine when were in between babies–no harm done!

Bottom line, I am so happy that I made the choice to go with a Winnie-the-Pooh themed nursery. It was a practical solution for us, knowing that we wanted to get a lot of use out of our baby products, but it was still elegant and pretty enough for me to genuinely love the look for each baby.

So if you’re looking for a great solution for a one-stop shop for a gender neutral nursery, I can’t recommend a Winnie the Pooh theme enough. An easy place to get started would be with this classic Pooh theme or this updated Pooh theme, both at Babies”R”Us. Happy shopping!

What’s your nursery theme? 


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