Why I Am Embracing the Mundane

Because our first year with Elvie was so eventful, I often like to look back at photos and notes and old blog posts I have from a year ago to see what we were doing. There was always something going on. One year ago today, we had just brought Elvie home after her first hospital stay. Because she was so sick and malnourished when we first arrived in the United States with her, we ended up checking her into the hospital just two and a half days after we arrived home, and it was not exactly the homecoming we pictured. While we knew that she would need medical attention for issues related to her birth defect, we thought that would wait a couple of weeks while we settled in. But that wasn’t to be, and so our first days back in the US were frenzied. But when I look back at a year ago from today, we were finally doing normal things. My husband was putting the crib together, and we were all hanging out in our pajamas. It was the beginning of our taste of normal life. It seems fitting, then, that these recent days, one year later, have just been full of normal things. Some may crave adventure sometimes, but I have learned to love the mundane.


While some adventure is nice, I feel like this past year has held so much adventure and adjustment and excitement that I am ready for a break. I love having a chance to allow Elvie to just be a toddler, to live a normal life without a lot of extra medical appointments, procedures, and therapies for awhile. She has been so brave and strong, and she has earned a break. She has earned a little bit of life that is a little more boring. In the fall, we are going on a vacation as a family, and it won’t be long afterwards that Elvie will have her next surgery, with a recovery period of unknown duration. I am grateful that she was able to finish physical therapy and have these months of peace. She seems so happy to just be with us, doing all the boring things we do.

So here’s to two months of errands, of trips to the bakery down the street, of family walks and playground adventures. Here’s to making dinner with a little helper tugging at my leg, to running out of blueberries when they’ve just been washed ten minutes ago, to picking up all the books Elvie has pulled off the shelf yet again. Here’s to less rush, less stress, and less pain for my baby.

Some may crave excitement, but us? We are more than happy to live a somewhat boring life. It’s a nice change from our usual.

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