Why Experienced Moms Could Learn a Thing or Two from First-Time Moms

I went on a little vacation with a couple of girlfriends and our families recently. We’ve been friends for almost 15 years, and while I was the first to enter motherhood over 8 years ago (I’ve since had two more children), my girlfriends are still new to the gig, having just become moms less than 3 years ago, and both with only 1 child.

While we “experienced” moms always have a thing or two to learn as our firstborns get older and enter new stages, when it comes to babies, we tend to feel pretty competent and think we know all there is to know (at least I do).

Well, I was reminded once again that those of us experienced moms could always learn a thing or two from fellow moms — and especially from first-timers.


Here’s why.

I was discussing teething remedies with one of my girlfriends and mentioned how I was using the same old remedy tablets I had been using since my firstborn began teething eight years ago, and I was shocked to hear that there had been an issue with one of the ingredients in them. As an alternative, she recommended I try a different remedy that she found to be much more helpful and safer for baby.

Whether she was an experienced mom or not, I appreciated her very helpful tip, and realized that sometimes as experienced moms we tend to lean on what we’ve always used or known with our other children, and we don’t often have time to stay up-to-date on the latest research and products on the market. I made the switch in products and couldn’t be happier!

First-time moms tend to have the time and interest in seeking out all that is new, innovative, and trendsetting. This goes for everything, from new baby products to different parenting methods, sleep training methods, and discipline strategies.

And while our experience is priceless and what will always be our most valuable asset as mothers, new products and research can make our job easier, safer, and more fun. I’ve come to truly appreciate and seek out advice from my new mommy friends who seem to know all the latest and greatest things to try. I don’t always try what’s new, but it’s nice to be kept up to speed.

So while experienced moms will always be able to offer advice and knowledge to those stepping into mommyhood for the first time, remember — we too could always learn something from new moms as well. Be open to the knowledge they have to offer, and you just might be surprised at how much you’ll learn!

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