I Ventured Into the World of Freezer Cooking and I’m Not Looking Back


I did it. I ventured into the world of freezer cooking and I’m not looking back. For a long, long time, as long as freezer cooking pins have existed on Pinterest, I’ve been dying to try it. Heck, even before Pinterest — gasp! I know, how did we ever survive? — I’ve wanted to try freezer cooking. I’m not surprised that I finally jumped into it during this crazy nesting spurt I’m going through. Without even having to think about it, I knew that cooking for a family of six postpartum would not make it on my “what I’d rather be doing” list. So I decided to finally grab the Ziploc bags by the box and go for it.
An Introduction to Freezer Cooking for New Moms

I pinned, I cooked, I filled that freezer! I was certain once my 4-hour cooking session was over that I was going to go into labor. A week away from my due date, however, that fortunately/unfortunately didn’t happen. (Yup, I managed to do this right before my due date.)

I’m not the type of person to say “it’s so easy anyone can do it,” but hear me out — it’s so easy, anyone can do it.

Here’s the thing. I actually like cooking, so I didn’t mind the prep work that went into getting those 20 meals ready. The majority of the work is prepping the meat and veggies. The fun part is dumping everything into the bags and watching your freezer fill with home-cooked meals.

But if you DON’T like cooking, this is even more for you! Because you only have to cook ONCE. I made 20 meals because at this stage in my nesting, I’ve officially lost my mind and can’t do small projects. Go big or go home! But if that’s not your thing, try only 10 meals instead. Or even 5! The point is to give it a try.

Imagine — this won’t be hard — being super exhausted postpartum, the family needs to eat dinner that night, and takeout isn’t an option. All you have to do is hit up the freezer and cook as directed. The family gets a hot, home-cooked meal and you get to kick up your feet after dinner because you don’t have a sink full of dishes.

What I learned from this experience thus far is that you don’t have to be super organized to attempt freezer cooking. I actually went back and forth changing recipes as I was in the middle of the process. And many of the recipes I made were for a slow cooker. (I purchased one several years ago during a Black Friday sale. It’s only in the past two years that I’ve realized how awesome it is.) Even if you don’t have a slow cooker, there are numerous recipes you can make for the freezer too. Marinated meats that just need to be thawed and baked were by far the easiest to assemble.  You can easily assemble 4-6 within 10 minutes!

The true test of its success will lie with the taste of all the meals. I’m certain they won’t disappoint, considering I stuck to recipes that included ingredients and flavors that appealed to me and my family’s personal tastes. Every time I open the freezer, it feels pretty surreal. I feel like some kind of supermom after doing all this. I made 20+ freezer meals and didn’t go into labor. Is there a medal for that?

Have you ever tried freezer cooking?

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