Why Disney Baby is Making Me a Better Mom

I started writing for Disney Baby almost two months ago. So far, it has been a wonderful experience, and the opportunity came at just the right time in my life.

Like many of you, I have too much on my plate. There have been times in my life where I have denied this truth, but now I am in a place where I fully own it. My plate is beyond full and keeping up with everything can be a challenge. 

Yet, despite that truth, I still enjoy a very happy life. I tried to keep things in perspective, and I stay focused on the future because many of the things that make my plate so full are things I am working on so I can be a great model for my kids and create a wonderful life for them.


My pregnancy with Jada was a blur. During those nine months I was consumed with having to move into a new home, managing the challenges that can come with keeping up with a toddler, and also helping to manage a good deal of my mother’s care. I have always wished that I were more present when I was pregnant with my sweet little girl, but I let life get the best of me.

Since her birth, it seems like life just got crazier. I guess I should have seen that coming. But along with the crazy has been a ton of joy. I would not change a thing. But I have to admit that writing for Disney Baby has inspired me in so many ways. I am now more present, more thoughtful, and more creative with my little ones. I thank Disney from the bottom of my heart for that magical gift.

You see, when I read what my fellow bloggers write, it often touches my heart and inspires me to make more time for the tender moments that are so important. When my family enjoys the day-to-day moments that make life sweet, I feel like I am now more present. When I write about something Jada has done or share pictures about her newest adventure, I find myself smiling more, reflecting more, and appreciating my moments with her much more. Disney Baby has inspired me to stop, take a deep breath, and truly soak in every moment motherhood has to offer.

For me, Disney Baby has become far more than a place where I share content with a bunch of awesome moms. It has become a place that reminds me to take the time to truly appreciate the precious moments of motherhood that make life so incredible. It has become a place that has made me better in more ways than I expected.

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