Who’s Your Mama? (The Time I Thought My Son Said My Name)


It was the day all moms wait for excitedly. The day my son called me “Mama.” At least, I thought he called me Mama. My stomach turned over, my heart raced with excitement. I saw him climbing toward me as I sat on the sofa hovered over my meal. I turned, smiling, at him about to swoop him up in a victorious hug and smother him with kisses. Then I realized it…
baby eating

He was staring right at my food. Not at my face. And smacking his lips together. And going “mmmm.” He hadn’t said “Mama” at all. He had just been making noises about my food. Which he wanted. Forget me. He didn’t want me. Just my dinner. When you’re waiting for your baby to call you by name, “Mmmummm” for food can sound a lot like “Mammmma.” Tricky tricky.

Oh well. It’s still pretty cute.

We’ve thought that our son has said “Mama” a few times now, but we can’t be certain. He won’t say it
on command. And he doesn’t say it every time he sees me. I don’t know if I should be excited or not.

How could you tell when something was really a word they understood and used purposefully or just a sound that happened to come out of their mouths?

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