When the Toddler Wants to Be the Baby

Someday, I know, Ani will want to do everything her big sister does. But right now, it’s my toddler who wants to do everything the baby does.

In the last few months, I’ve snapped these photos of her trying out the baby’s things and activities (“activity” being a loose term for the limited things a newborn can do). They make me laugh every time I look at them, because she just looks so enormous.

Fortunately she hasn’t yet asked me to put her in the chest carrier. I think it’d break my back! It’s also nice that Ani is too little to care if her things are being used by someone else right now.

  • The Co-Sleeper Crib

    The Co-Sleeper Crib

    This is so small, I don’t think she could even lay flat in it, but she loved climbing in and sitting in it.

  • The Bouncer

    The Bouncer

    This bouncer is a triple hand-me-down, and we’re still getting a lot of mileage out of it. I just didn’t expect our toddler to be getting mileage out of it too.

  • The Baby Seat

    The Baby Seat

    I was in the kitchen the other day and turned around to see that Ella had managed to climb up on the chair and get herself into the baby seat which I’d stuck there after the baby was done using it. It makes me laugh to see her long legs dangling from it.

  • Burping the Baby

    Burping the Baby

    Babies need to be burped frequently, didn’t you know?

  • Tummy Time

    Tummy Time

    I’m not sure if the baby was lonely or if Ella felt the need to strengthen her chest and neck muscles, but either way, I had two little ones doing tummy time.

  • A High Chair

    A High Chair

    Ella has refused to sit in a high chair since she was about 15 months old, but now that she knows babies sit in them, she always asks for one when we go out to eat.

  • The Baby Swing

    The Baby Swing

    She’s so tall that the mobile is more like a hat. And she definitely rocks it more vigorously than Ani can.

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