Babysitter Cancelled? Have an At-Home Date Night

If you have a baby or a toddler, you know that alone time with your significant other is so important. But sometimes you just can’t get away. Maybe the babysitter cancels. Or maybe you just don’t feel comfortable leaving your little one just yet. Still, having some time alone is good for your soul.


Well, my husband and I have become pros at the at-home date night, so I’ve put together 10 ideas for you for after the baby goes to bed! datenight-750

1. Pull out all your extra sheets and pillows and make a tent in your bedroom or living room, then curl up inside and watch a movie together. (Make some buttery popcorn or serve up your favorite on-hand snacks!)

2. Have one of you run to the store and pick up some fancy cheeses, some good chocolate, fruit, bread, and anything else you might like and have a fondue night! No phones allowed, just connecting with each other.

3. Pick a theme and run with it. Maybe your theme is 80’s? Put your hair up in a good side ponytail, rent your favorite ’80’s movie, or put on some tunes and have a dance party. (Just make sure you don’t wake the baby!)

4. Play a game together. We have a favorite on our tablet called “Settlers of Catan” but find your favorite and have some fun.

5. Light a bunch of candles, turn on your favorite mellow music, and take a bubble bath. (I won’t tell if you use the baby’s bubble bath. You gotta do what you gotta do!)

6. Have an ice cream sundae buffet. Buy pints of all your favorite flavors, cones, sprinkles, toppings, chocolate sauce, and go crazy for a night!

7. Play chefs. Go online (Pinterest is an amazing resource for this) and find a recipe you’ve always wanted to try. Have one of you run out to the store for all the ingredients. Put on your aprons and have fun together in the kitchen. Cooking together is one of my husband’s and my favorite things to do together.

8. Dine al fresco! If the weather is nice enough take some candles or twinkle lights outside along with your dinner and dine al fresco. Play some light and sweet tunes and have fun just enjoying time alone together.

9. Have a movie marathon. Pop some popcorn and pick a lineup of movies. We like Star Wars a lot. (Even though we’ve seen it a bunch of times.) But you could pick anything. A trilogy is always fun. Or you could pick a genre like James Bond of Mission Impossible.

10. Do a double date. Have some friends pick up takeout and come over for an at-home double date. We really love Thai or Indian takeout because it’s so flavorful. It’s good to reconnect with the outside world when you’ve got a young one. It refreshes you and connecting with your friends makes you feel loved and supported.


If you have more ideas for fun stay at home date nights, share them in the comments!

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