When Schedules Don’t Work for You

Before I had Aiden, my firstborn, I was told time and time again about schedules. How schedules were so important and that a routine would be so freeing for me. I had this beautiful new “log book” to write down nursing times and how many times he would use the bathroom. The book had spaces for sleep times and even had a tiny clock attached so that you could begin to get you and your baby on a daily schedule over time.


The problem was it wasn’t working for me, or for my personality type.schedules We brought Aiden home and I started feeling overwhelmed by the schedule.

The schedules worked for everyone that we know, and it was supposed to be freeing… so why in the world was this so hard for me?

Truth is, I tend to be a free spirit. I am not much of a schedule person in my everyday life, so applying it to motherhood wasn’t really working out. And that was the valuable lesson I learned the first time around… there is no “right” way. You have to do what works best for you and your family.

THAT was so freeing to me! I got so caught up in doing what everyone was telling me to do, that I wasn’t doing what was best for us. I loved letting Aiden eat and sleep when he wanted. I loved not keeping track of anything and not creating a schedule around naps and feedings. I just went with it. And that felt good to me.

We have had the “unscheduled” approach with all three of our babies and it has been the best thing for our family each time.

The fabulous thing about doing what works best for you is that it may not look like your very best friend’s approach… and that is okay! Some of my closest friends, who are fantastic mamas, live by schedules and routines. That is what frees them!

We are all different and so raising our little ones doesn’t have to look the same. That has been such a valuable lesson for me to learn in my journey as a mama.

Do you love schedules? Did they not work for you? I would love to hear your journey!

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