When It’s Time to Start Disciplining

Lately, Bee has been testing the waters (and the patience of her parents!) around the house. From simple acts of disobedience to willful tantrums, we’ve been toying with the idea of beginning a more strict discipline regimen. After all, Bee’s far from an infant at a ripe 15 months of age (where did the time go?).

But how do you know when it’s time to start disciplining your child? Last week, I heard some fantastic advice…


When your baby gets that certain glimmer in their eye right before doing something unruly, disobedient or ornery, that’s when you know.

At first, I’d shrugged off the advice. Will I really be able to tell by the look on Bee’s face whether or not she’s disobeying intentionally?

And then, it happened. Bee’s favorite “trick” is to throw her plate on the floor to signal that she’s finished eating. Our dogs love this, of course, but we’ve been taking strides to teach her an alternative: holding her hands up and saying “All done!”

Last night at the dinner table, she started to lift her hands to signal that she was finished, but instead, she paused. And lo and behold, we caught a quick glimmer in her eye as seconds later, she’d thrown her plate on the floor.

Friends, we have now entered The World of Discipline.

Tell me, how did you know when it was time to start disciplining your babies? I’d love to hear tips and tricks on how you’re managing disobedience in your own household!

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