10 Moments When I Realized She’d Become a Toddler

My baby has been turning into a little person with her own abilities and preferences for quite some time now, but I’ve still considered her a baby. Ever since her first birthday though, I’ve started to see her in a different light and have realized that she isn’t such a baby anymore. It seemed so sudden to me — like in the blink of an eye.


But, in retrospect, there have definitely been some telltale signs that she’s turned the corner into toddlerhood. Here are a few…

1. When she started greeting me in the morning.
While she still doesn’t call me “mama” most of the time, she has taken to greeting me and calling me “mama” when I come get her in the morning. A definite toddler thing to do.

2. When she stood up and walked off during our photo shoot.
During our final monthly photo shoot, Fern just stood up and walked off. She was definitely a long way from our very first one-month photo shoot, where she was slumped down and could barely hold her own neck weight.

3. When she started walking all over.
Fern is definitely wobbling around walking all day long now, and every time I see her walk over and bend down to pick something up, I am astounded at just how much she’s grown and how little she still seems like the tiny baby I brought home from the birthing center.

4. When she fed herself with a fork.
Only big kids feed themselves with forks!” Apparently I have one of those… or at least a big kid in training, anyway.

5. When she started having conversations with our dog.
She’s developing more and more personality every day, and when I see her carrying on conversations with our dog (“Hello? It’s for you!”) she seems so much more like a little kid than a baby.

6. When she started flipping out over bananas at the grocery.
The girl loves bananas and will now wave her arms excitedly when we’re at the grocery store to signal me that I should put some in our cart. Little babies don’t often do such things. She is quickly developing favorites and preferences.

7. When she started waving to everybody.
Fern has become quite the gregarious little thing, waving coyly to people everywhere we go. She’s noticed the positive reaction it receives and she willingly hams it up for passersby.

8. When she started showing friend preference.
Fern definitely knows and prefers her friend Poppy above other babies. When she sees photos of her, she starts waving her hands and saying, “Pop, Pop, Pop, Pop!” She can’t say Mama or Daddy with regularity, but she pretty much has her buddy Poppy’s name down.

9. When she could crawl over to nurse.
She’s still nursing at one, and now she can crawl over herself when she wants a nursing session. It’s kind of funny and kind of strange at the same time, but definitely a far cry from the days when she could barely latch on!

10. When she began showing excitement over big kid things.
Trying new things, especially “big kid things,” like those ride-on quarter machines at the grocery store, are enough to elicit big kid excitement from my little lady.

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