When Baby Starts Engaging With You

At nearly two months old, Macks is finally starting to become more in-tune with the world around him. He is awake much more during the day and loves for someone to interact with him. As much as we love to make him smile and talk to him, I also want to show him things that will allow for more engagement.mickey mouse activity toy


Living in New York City, we are always on the go. Unfortunately it’s harder for me to interact with him when I am pushing a stroller around the city, so I love to have toys that he can look at while we are on our stroll. This Mickey Mouse Activity Toy is so fun because it has a rattle, a chime, crinkle textures, and more! The rattle is currently is favorite because the sound catches his attention, but I can see that once he starts teething the teethers will be his favorite.

My older girls even love playing with the toy because it allows for them to have something else to help entertain their brother with. They’ve tried to share their dolls and books with him, but unfortunately he is too young. Mickey Mouse is a favorite for the girls and I’m sure will be a favorite for Macks. I’m glad this is a toy that can bring all three of them together, even with Macks at such a young age.

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