When Baby Becomes Aware, the Holidays Become Even More Special


Baby’s first season of holidays are tremendously special. It’s a time for a family to acknowledge and celebrate a new member of the family, and how much more special all future holidays will be, with them in it. As silly as it may seem, I have never passed up the opportunity to get each one of my 3 babies the whole round of “my first (fill in the blank) holiday” bibs, bodysuits and even pajamas. We’ve got attire for Valentine’s Day all the way to Christmas, and everything in between. I even save them too. But I have to say, seeing a glimmer of what’s to come now that Hayden is 14 months old, and seeing his fascination with our Halloween decorations, I can tell the the impending holiday season is going to be even more special than all his firsts combined. Read on to see why.Now that Hayden is over 1 years old, his awareness of his surroundings, and the role they play in his life, is incredible. We were a bit late getting the Halloween decorations up this year, but once I finally got them up last week, he was in awe. Pointing and grunting at each and every detail, showing us in his own way that he wanted a tour of the scene. As we got to each new piece of decor, he would point and say, “Dat”, indicating that he wanted us to tell him what “dat” was. A pumpkin, a skeleton, a bat, a witch, we spent what seemed like an hour just going through the house. As I would identify each piece of decor, he would smile and clap, so excited to see the changes happening around him.

And ever since I set up the glowing pumpkins, it’s his favorite place to be. He loves rolling them around, and even just playing by them. They seem to have become his little friends, and he makes sure to greet them each morning. He may not know exactly why we have them up or what they even mean, but he knows that something special is going on.

This past weekend, as we celebrated Halloween at my in-laws annual party, he loved seeing everyone dressed up in their costumes, and was even quite amused with himself, decked out in his cute little fox costume.

If he’s all smiles and excitement over Halloween, I can’t wait to see how he reacts this year when the Christmas decorations go up. I also can’t wait to see how much of a mess he makes with our tree. I predict we may be hanging the ornaments a little higher on the boughs this year.

Baby’s firsts are extremely special, but I can tell you for sure that once baby becomes aware of what the holidays bring, they are definitely more fun. And having 2 older children, I can promise you that they just keep getting better.

Has your older baby started to become aware of the excitement and changes the holidays bring? Did you decorate for Halloween, and if so, what was your little ones reaction?

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