What’s Your Diaper Bag Style?

When Judah was still a newborn, I felt like I couldn’t leave the house without a smaller version of his nursery traveling with us in the diaper bag. Now that Judah is 15 months, I’ve learned that diaper bags aren’t necessarily “one size fits all.” Depending on what we’re doing for the day, I have lots of different diaper bag styles depending on the occasion.

Here are my 8 diaper bag styles — which one is closest to your style?

  • A Style for Every Mom!

    A Style for Every Mom!

    Whether you’re headed out for a day at the park or a trip to the grocery store, there are diaper bag styles for every kind of moment and every mom – which one is yours?

    Click on through to find your diaper bag style…

  • The Day Tripper

    The Day Tripper

    This diaper bag is perfect for moms on the go, headed to outings like the zoo, the library, or the park. Packed for the possibility of outdoor fun, this diaper bag includes a diapers/wipes/changing pad trio, disposable place mats for lunches out, food pouches and a bottle, a snack cup, hand sanitizer, sunscreen, adhesive bandages (for scraped knees from curious toddlers), play keys, a soft plush, and a book for entertainment or comfort in the car or stroller.

  • The Beachcomber

    The Beachcomber

    Packed and ready for a day on the beach with baby! This diaper bag style includes a swim diaper in addition to the regular diapers/wipes/changing pad trio, a towel, sunscreen, a hat, plastic bags to keep things dry and sand-free, a bathing suit/swim trunks, a dry change of clothes, and a bottle so baby can stay hydrated.

  • The Fashionista

    The Fashionista

    For only the most stylish moms! The Fashionista diaper bag includes a designer bag (or even designer diaper bag), a posh changing clutch with wipes and a diaper, a tablet and book to keep baby entertained, and of course, a stylish change of clothes for your little fashion plate!

  • The Jet-Setter

    The Jet-Setter

    Traveling by plane with baby? Here’s a style to keep everyone happy up in the air: diapers/wipes/changing pad, a change of clothes, hand sanitizer, baby food, a bottle and teether for something to munch on during takeoff and landing (and make those pressure changes easier), a soft toy, and distracting toys like play keys, books, and a tablet.

  • The Minimalist

    The Minimalist

    This is usually my default diaper bag style: no frills, just the basics. If I’m just headed to the supermarket or a quick errand with Judah in tow, I just make sure our diaper clutch that doubles as a changing pad has at least one diaper and a pack of wipes.

  • The Overnighter

    The Overnighter

    This style is perfect for trips to Grandma’s house! Diapers/wipes/changing pad get packed along with a stuffed animal, comfy pajamas, a bedtime storybook, a bottle for bedtime, and a change of clothes for adventures the next day.

  • The Mary Poppins

    The Mary Poppins

    This diaper bag style has a little bit of everything – but the real magic is how, just like Mary Poppins, you can pull out exactly what baby needs from the depths of your well-stocked bag. Other moms are amazed at how you seem to hold so much in your bag, while making it look effortless and light!

  • The UN-Bag

    The UN-Bag

    For the mom who lives to live spontaneously – introducing the UN-bag! With no diaper bag at all, this style is for moms who are either effortlessly confident or bleary-eyed and sleep deprived walking out the door. Maybe you’re feeling like a Super Mom who’s got it under control – or maybe baby kept you up all night and you don’t realize until you get to where you’re going that the diaper bag is sitting on the dining room table. Either way – it’s a bold choice.

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