What to Wear for Family Photos

When you are having family photos taken, it can sometimes be a challenge trying to decide what everyone should wear. Should we match? Should we all wear the same thing? Should we just wear black or white? In my personal opinion, family photos look the best when everything looks a bit natural. Nothing too staged or planned. Not everyone in khaki pants and white polos. We’ve had a few family photo sessions over the years, and I think I’m starting to learn how to dress everyone for these awesome photo opps. Here are a few tips & tricks for wardrobe styling family photos…

  • Avoid wearing the same thing

    Avoid wearing the same thing

    Photos always look better when everyone is wearing their own thing! If you have multiple kids, avoid matching outfits. If there are several people in the photo, please oh please do not all wear the same thing!

  • See?!


    This is our family photo from last year. I LOVE how the outfits turned out with everyone wearing something different. (Different patterns AND different colors!)

    Photo by Nate Herndon

  • Color is good!

    Color is good!

    Don’t feel like you have to wear black or white. Color is good! The fewer colors, the better.

  • High contrast

    High contrast

    Don’t forget that some photos will be in black and white. The colors and patterns you choose to wear can really stand out if there is high contrast.

    Photo by DePrisco Photo

  • Ombre = different shades of the same color

    Ombre = different shades of the same color

    If you are wearing yellow and blue for your family photos, don’t feel like the blues have to EXACTLY match each other. Lighter and darker shades of each color make the photos have depth without looking mismatched.

  • See the ombre working here?

    See the ombre working here?

    All of us have some blue on, but it doesn’t exactly match. My husband’s pants are a little lighter and more teal than my navy dress or my daughter’s royal blue skirt.

    Photo by DePrisco Photo

  • The clothes themselves...

    The clothes themselves...

    Don’t be afraid to wear prints. Basic prints like stripes, polka dots, and plaids work great for photos. Stay away from graphics, text, and glitter.

  • Aren't we cute?!

    Aren't we cute?!

    Here’s my daughter and I, both of us wearing a little something cute. But, the patterns and prints don’t take away from the image. They add to it!

    Photo by Nate Herndon

  • Nothing too out of the ordinary

    Nothing too out of the ordinary

    In my opinion, photos looks best when everyone is wearing something from their normal wardrobe. Sure, you might want to look “nicer” for a photo than you would on any given day, but avoid overdressing! That just looks silly!

  • The focus is NOT what we are wearing!

    The focus is NOT what we are wearing!

    Instead, the focus is our newborn babe of course!

    Photo by BRS Photography

  • Season-friendly!


    Don’t wear anything too seasonal. Chances are, these photos will be up in your house for you to enjoy year-round. Choose something that works all year!

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