What to Pack in Your Diaper Bag When Visiting Disney Parks

When traveling to a Disney Park, there will already be things to pack in your personal day bag, like tickets and maps. But what will you need to pack for Baby? You don’t want to be carrying too much (and you don’t want to be stuck without something either!) A diaper bag should hold not just diapers — these are the important things you’ll need to pack with you for Baby when visiting a Disney Park. These helpful tips will keep you from over (or under) packing! 

Choose the Right Diaper Bag

Since you’ll already be loaded down with other Disney Park essentials, you’ll want a diaper bag that works for your needs. I prefer a backpack style or one with a long strap that can be hung onto the back of my sturdy stroller (this won’t work for lightweight strollers or umbrella styles, as the bag will cause the stroller to tip).

Organize the bag with lesser used items at the bottom (like a change of clothes or a blanket) and frequently used items at the ready in front pockets (like a pacifier or cup). Compartmentalize even further by placing items like toys or sun protection items into clear zip-close bags inside the diaper bag. 

Keep Diapering Needs Covered

Inside each restroom at the Disney Parks there will be changing tables. Bring your own changing pad for comfort and sanitary reasons. Naturally you’ll need a lot of diapers, so figure out how many Baby uses on an average basis at home when packing. And then bring a few extra, just in case! Same goes for wipes. When traveling for several days, I bring the large wipe bag and then refill the travel-size dispenser with enough for the day. A wet bag is also a must for holding soiled clothes.

Bring an Extra Outfit (or Two)

With drool, snacks, or maybe even an unexpected diaper blowout likely, you’re going to want to pack an extra outfit or two for Baby. Take note of the weather as well. If the temperature is chilly in the morning, dress Baby in layers (like a long sleeved one-piece under his t-shirt) so you can remove a layer when the weather warms up. Shorts in the daytime and pants for night along with a lightweight jacket are typical needs.

Protect Baby from the Sun

Care for that delicate baby skin by using sun protection all day long. Sunscreen that is gentle and baby-approved should be applied frequently. A lightweight sun hat with a wide brim is a must when direct sun is hitting her head. If Baby will wear sunglasses, bring those too. Babies tend to get cranky when they have to squint in the bright sunshine!

Cozy Up 

Even if the weather is warm, a blanket has a variety of uses that come in handy at the Disney Parks. You can lay a blanket down on the ground in a lightly trafficked area of the Park so that Baby can get out of her stroller and lay down (the grassy areas in the hub at Magic Kingdom are perfect for this). A lightweight muslin blanket is a weather-wise cover-up when breastfeeding or if Baby wants to be swaddled. I use a blanket to cover the stroller when my baby naps to filter the sun.

Prepare for Disney Dining 


For bottle-fed babies, you’ll need to bring in bottles, formula, and bottled water. You can warm up the bottle inside the Baby Care Center where microwaves are provided for your use.

Disney Parks restaurants are very accommodating to families, including babies. You’ll be able to find a clean highchair in quick service locations, so don’t bother packing the bulky highchair cover.

For baby food needs, I pack a small soft-sided cooler tote that’s the size of a lunch box. I stock it with a day’s worth of purees, disposable bibs, place mats, and clean-up wipes for sticky fingers and faces. Then when we’re ready to eat I can just pull out the small tote and not have to bring the entire diaper bag with me into the restaurant.

If Baby is eating jarred pureed foods, glass is acceptable to bring inside the Parks. Glass jars are heavier to carry around and are at risk of breaking, so I would recommend food that is packaged in plastic tubs instead.

If Baby is eating solids, be sure to pack a few snack items for him too. Choose items that won’t be easily broken and that can be eaten while you hold him in line like dry cereal or yogurt melts. Read more about what you’ll need to know about feeding your baby at Disney Parks. And don’t forget the sippy cup! You can request water from any quick service dining location to fill up the cup.

Take a Few Playtime Pals

Baby may become bored in her stroller, so bring along a few new-to-her toys. Attach the toys with plastic links to the stroller or risk having them thrown out and lost forever! Bring a teething toy or a board book with you into restaurants to entertain Baby until the meal arrives.

Rent a Locker for the Day 

No need to lug around all the diapers and stuff all over the Park when there are lockers to store extra essentials. Divvy up the contents of the diaper bag and only bring what you’ll need for the first few hours. Store the rest inside the locker and return only when you need to restock.

Stop at the Baby Care Center to Fill in the Gaps

Baby needs something that you didn’t pack? The Baby Care Center has you covered! There is a Baby Care Center located inside each of the Disney parks where parents can purchase additional baby necessities. They stock extra baby food and snacks, pacifiers, diapers and even baby medication like fever reducer. On a recent trip to Epcot, I ran out of baby wipes! Fortunately the Baby Care Center had a package of them to keep me stocked until I returned home.

What are your Disney vacation baby diaper bag must haves?

Some of the information in this post may have changed after this writing. Please visit the Disneyland or Walt Disney World websites, or ask Disney Parks Moms Panel to confirm current policies.

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