What to Do with Your Extra Hour of Sunlight? Here Are 10 Ideas…

Happy “Spring Forward” day! Hopefully, you remembered to adjust your clocks and weren’t completely out of whack all day.


Now that it’s officially brighter for an extra hour each day, you might be wondering what you can do with that extra time? Well don’t fret, I compiled a list of fantastic ideas for you.
baby in sunshine

  • Check out a bunch of kids books at the library, and read one each afternoon before bed.
  • Go for a nature walk and have your little one collect leaves, flowers, stones, and other “treasures.”
  • Have a dance party with all of your little one’s favorite tunes.
  • Try a new food (maybe some fruit from the local farmer’s market?).
  • Try out the swings at a local playground.
  • Feed ducks at a nearby lake.
  • Try brunch or breakfast for lunch (if everyone wakes up too late for normal breakfast time).
  • Let your little one FaceTime with family members who live out of town.
  • Go out for ice cream!


Put the kiddos to bed an hour “early” and steal that hour of sunlight for YOURSELF ;)

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