5 Ways to Relish Quiet Time

The term “sleep like a baby” is meant to describe a deep and sound sleep, but the fact of the matter is, babies just don’t sleep as soundly as we may like. In fact, I’m convinced that the person who came up with that term never had children… but anyway. ;)

As much as we adore our little bundles of joy, we also relish in the quiet that comes with nap time and bed time.


Here are five things I can’t help myself from doing while they sleep:

1. Watch Them
Have you ever snuck into your child’s bedroom, just to watch them sleep? I have done this with all three of my kids since Day 1. Watching their bellies rise and fall, their mouth slightly parted and eyelids fluttering is almost mesmerizing. Also, they seem to grow right in front of your eyes. It’s bittersweet.

2. Hold Them
Remember I Love You Forever by Robert Munsch and how the mother rocked the boy back and forth, holding him while he slept? I have done the same with all three of my babies. Even after holding my son all day, after he falls asleep I pick him up, smell his little head and cuddle him in the nook of my arm or on the rocking chair. Am I spoiling him? Maybe, but I just can’t help myself.

3. Take Photos & Video
Sleeping babies are angelic, photogenic and an absolute joy to photograph. I have also taken photos at night with a flash, but when you do that you risk the chance of waking them up, so I try to do this during their nap time when the lighting is good. And yes, I’ve even taken some video shots of my babies sleeping. Surely I’m not alone in this? Right?

4. Nap With Them
This isn’t something that I do on purpose, it just…happens. Because I opted to nurse my babies, I would always nurse them to sleep and the oxytocin levels seem to knock me out along with them. It was a blessing really, because sleeping alongside my babies were some of the sweetest moments I’ve experienced as a mother.

5. Relax & Make a Cup Of Tea
Even if I have a list that is a mile long, when my babies fell asleep, one of my #1 priorities was to make myself a cup of tea and relax for 10-20 minutes relishing in the silence (as long as I didn’t indulge in #4). Those moments are far and few between now that I have 2 other little ones running around constantly, but making a tea is still the first thing I do after baby is asleep.

What do YOU do when Baby sleeps?

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