What She REALLY Wants for Mother’s Day

I decided to take a poll and ask all of the mamas I know to tell me what they REALLY want for Mother’s Day this year. Here’s what they had to say…

  • I would like a beautiful photograph of my girls and I. – Helen
  • My husband to arrange for someone to clean my house while I enjoy a drink and a pedicure. – Jill
  • I’d like to go away for a weekend and return to find my entire house cleaned and organized – with all the home improvement projects finished too! – Mari
  • I want breakfast in bed! – Caroline
  • A nap! – Rebecca
  • What I’d really love is for my kids to all get along beautifully for the whole day, to not have to say anything twice (unless it’s “I love you” or “Thank you”), and to spend it thinking about nothing else but how blessed I am to be their mother. – Jenny
  • I’d love a handwritten card from my husband and son. – Susan
  • I really want a serious chunk of time spent NOT mothering. – Melissa
  • A hot tub! – Kelley
  • A positive pregnancy test! – Emilie
  • I would like to hold each of my littles and reflect about what is unique about each one of them. To remember the day they came into this world and how my life changed with each one. – Rachel
  • To sleep in for an hour! – Erin
  • I’d love a new wardrobe! – Melissa
  • I’d love a picnic outside with my family! – Melanie
  • I would love to have something fun planned FOR me. I grow weary of planning all the family activities myself. – KC
  • A day without working, cleaning, cooking, or laundry so I can completely enjoy my little man. – Amanda
  • Sleep. All meals cooked for me. And a tantrum-free toddler. But the consolation prize would be a massage. – Cathy
  • I’d love to spend the day with my husband, kids, and my own mom! – Erica
  • I would love a nice brunch on a patio with my family. – Lisa
  • ‘Time off’ to lay in the sun, read a book, watch a show, or whatever I’d like! – Jordan
  • I’d love a new camera so I can capture all of these amazing moments with my family. – Heather
  • I’d love to have both my boys with me on Mother’s Day. Enjoying each other’s company and share a beautiful meal together. – Denise
  • I’d love to be surprised! – Maddie
  • I’d love breakfast in bed and a fun day with my hubs & son. And maybe a gift card for a pedicure. – Jodi
  • I would love to sleep late and not have to empty the dishwasher. – Meredith
  • I’d love my boys to get along! – Abby
  • I’d love to enjoy a day trip with my family! – Quinn
  • I’d love a necklace with my girls’ initials on it! – Allison
  • I’d love to have some of my favorite photos of my children framed and hung in my house. – Lauren
  • I really want a day to focus completely on my family, to celebrate the best gift I’ve been given: motherhood! – Anna

So there you have it! Most mamas want a day to remember and a day free from their usual chores. Completely understandable!

What are YOU hoping for this Mother’s Day?

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