8 Perfectly Legit Mother’s Day Gifts That Don’t Cost Anything

Forget the fancy bouquets and boxes of chocolates. This is what Mom really wants for Mother’s Day (and these things won’t cost you anything).

1. Mom wants to wake up on her own. As much as moms love the “Wake up, Mommy! I’m hungry for breakfast!” squeal in the wee-hours or even the kick in the face by a tiny bed invader, she would really prefer to wake up naturally on her own, sans alarm clock. Her internal alarm clock will probably get her out of bed at 6 a.m. anyway…

2. Mom wants breakfast in bed. So easy. Breakfast doesn’t even need to be home cooked (though waking to the smell of bacon cooking gets you bonus points). P.S.: A doughnut with sprinkles totally counts as breakfast in my eyes.

3. Mom wants to eat without having to share. Bottom line: Mom wants the doughnut to herself and the kids are going to fight over whose going to lick the sprinkles off her plate. Don’t make Mom lock herself into the closet to eat her doughnut in peace (come on, you all know we’ve done that!)

4. Mom wants to use the bathroom alone. Whether Mom needs to use the toilet, shower or simply brush her teeth let her do so without another person in the room. And no, standing outside the door asking, “What are you doing in there, Mom?!” is not allowed today either.


5. Mom wants to look cute. Mom’s gotten used to having spit-up on her shirt. And lately she’s been completely forgoing pretty jewelry because Baby thinks it’s a teething toy. Give her time today to fix her hair in a style other than the “Mom bun” sloppy updo. And to choose something in the closet nicer than the same pair of holey yoga pants and oversized t-shirt she’s worn for the past three days straight.

6. Mom wants the house to herself. The ultimate gift = time alone. Whether it’s a several hour chunk of free time, or just 13 minutes as you take the kids for a walk around the block, give Mom some alone time at home. She can choose to use the time as she wishes (take a bubble bath, go bra-less, nap on the couch, read a book — or do as I’d do — color the gray out of my hair). Ah, sounds like a bit of heaven right there!

7. Mom wants a day without chores or errands. No, she doesn’t want to add a load to the washing machine. Or wipe toothpaste spots off the mirror. Or pick up that same toy off that floor that’s she’s put back in the toy box a hundred times. And can’t someone else wash off the food mess on the baby’s highchair tray today? Save the run to the home improvement store until tomorrow and keep today chore and errand free.

8. Mom wants dinner that requires no cleanup. Order a pizza. Serve it on paper plates with paper napkins. Done. No pots, pans or forks to wash, yippee! She won’t even care that she’s not going out for sushi (well, maybe she’ll care just a little bit).

What do moms really want for Mother’s Day? Share with us in the comments!

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