The Day She Lost a Shoe (And I Gained Some Wisdom)

The day before yesterday was one of “those” days. It was long and hard and as it came to an end I rocked my cranky toddler in my arms feeling relieved. After spending so much of the day just trying to get through finally we were able to just be.

The day was one filled with summer program drop off, errand running and toddler wrangling, a doctor appointment and various family affairs.


It was also the day we lost a shoe. By the time we made it to our last stop I decided to carry Lola rather than place her in the shopping cart. My hope was that this would prevent me from filling my cart up with items masked as needs only to cringe when it came time to swipe my card (can you guess what store we went to? It was our second Target run that day too.).

At one point I put her down to grab an item that was stacked. I needed two hands to get that yellow sand pail. And then it caught my eye. A sock. Lola was only wearing one shoe.

We retraced steps and it wasn’t there and I hoped it would be in the car. I walked to the car with anticipation but it wasn’t there. I pictured one lonely shoe sitting in a store aisle or a parking lot. Later I called — no shoe had been turned in to the lost and found.

I was annoyed that this got past me and wondered if it came off when she was kicking and crying in the shopping cart. She had just had a snack but she wanted cheddar bunnies. And she wanted them now.

I shared what happened on Instagram and learned that I wasn’t the only mama who discovered her little one was missing a shoe long after the shoe had actually gone missing.

It happens — I told my mom when she asked me how I managed not to notice there was only a sock on one of those tiny feet. In my head; however, I wondered the same.

It happens, and it’s just a shoe, but it also meant new shoes before she had even outgrown her old ones. And that I clearly wasn’t on top of my game.

In retrospect, this was a reminder that I need to slow down. In my hurried state I didn’t take inventory, so to speak. It was as if I was there, but I wasn’t fully there. As I placed my little one in her car seat, I simply went through the motions, my vision hindered by my mental to-do list.

So we lost a shoe. But yesterday, thanks to the shoe and a few other moments, I gained some wisdom.

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