What Lola Is Doing at Almost 16 Months

Tomorrow Lola will turn 16 months old. Wow, it came fast! At (almost) 16 months, here’s some of what Lola’s doing:

Climbing – This has been an ongoing challenge that seems to have reached a whole new level. We’ve got a brave one on our hands. Always climbing.

Pacing – Lola is on the move. Her steps are surer than they used to be; she still waddles, but only falls when she goes too fast. She loves walking back and forth across open spaces.

Running from mama – Lola loves running (quickly waddling) from us. She will take off down the hall and giggle as we come after her.

Pointing – Lil Miss Pointy finger is always directed at something.

Blowing kisses – This month Lola started blowing kisses back. My heart almost couldn’t handle the cuteness.

Crying when she doesn’t get her way – Lola does not like when I say no. If she asks for something and I don’t give it to her or take something from her that she shouldn’t have, she gets very upset and starts crying. For some reason she thinks, “Whatever Lola wants… Lola gets.”


Singing – She was singing before, but now she is just about always singing. She will sit and start humming and making sounds to a tune. I can’t wait until I understand the lyrics to her songs.

Asking to eat – Lola loves to eat and now will let us know by saying “Eat. Eat.”

Showing empathy – If Lola sees that someone is sad or upset she will lay her head on them and even give a hug.

Testing boundaries – Lola is at the age where she is trying to see what she can and can’t do. She will try and touch things out of her reach and quickly look at us to see our reaction. She tries to get into everything including big sister’s room!

Making us laugh – My little one is such a comedian, just like big sister. She is always being silly and making us laugh whether it is putting on her glasses and making funny faces or showing us her new dance moves.

Modeling behaviors – She is continuing to model various behaviors ranging from turning on a cell phone and talking to wiping her nose or cleaning the high chair.

Making friends – Lola is becoming more friendly as she gets older. She waves back more often and occasionally will let people hold her such as other parents at our oldest daughter’s school and nurses and doctors during appointments (and not just her own appointments but those of other family members).

In addition to all of these things, Lola is also bringing us so much joy. Almost a year and a half later and we still find ourselves wondering how we ever got to be so blessed. She has been such a gift to our family.

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