What I’ll Miss the Most About the Newborn Months

It’s as though we blinked and all of a sudden, our little one is now four months old today. They’re really not kidding when they say that your baby truly does grow up so fast. As Judah begins to explore his world as an infant, he leaves behind that special stage of being newly born. We are so excited to watch him grow up and yet at the same time, there’s plenty we’ll miss as goes from newborn to infant to toddler and beyond.

Here are the things I’m going to miss the most about his newborn months.

All photos by Keiko Zoll.

  • Not So Newborn Anymore

    Not So Newborn Anymore

    I can’t believe just how fast our son is growing up already.

  • The Newness of Parenthood

    The Newness of Parenthood

    While every day is certainly far from routine, after four months, Larry and I would like to think that we’re just starting to get the hang of this whole “parenthood” thing.

    That said, when it was just me, him and the baby – those early days home felt like a Wild West adventure as we all hunkered down together to find our new rhythm as a family of three.

  • Tiny Toes, Tiny Fingers... Tiny Everything!

    Tiny Toes, Tiny Fingers... Tiny Everything!

    The night Judah was born, I remember admiring his delightfully tiny fingers and toes. I turned them over and over in my hands, staring at them in wonder, chuckling at the size of my own gargantuan hands in comparison.

    Even though Judah’s feet and hands are still tiny in comparison to mine, they’re no longer that delicate tiny size they were when he was first born.

  • The Special Newborn Outfits... That No Longer Fit

    The Special Newborn Outfits... That No Longer Fit

    From his going home outfit to the special gown he wore for his bris, the pile of clothing that no longer fits keeps growing.

    Looking back at the first little preemie cardigan he wore in the hospital, I think to myself, “Was he really that small just four months ago?”

  • When the Lights Turned On

    When the Lights Turned On

    When Judah was about two months, Larry turned to me, asking, “Have you noticed, when you look at Judah, it’s like the lights have turned on?” I nodded in agreement, having noticed it myself earlier that same day.

    That’s the only way we could describe the moment when we noticed that something developmentally had just “clicked” inside Judah’s brain. It was magical the day we noticed he went from an eat/sleep/poop blob of instincts to the beginnings of a baby with a personality and mind.

  • Newborn Naps and Snuggles

    Newborn Naps and Snuggles

    There’s something about how a newborn falls asleep on your chest that is nothing short of magical. As a four-month old, Judah is squirmy and strong. Even the snuggles are different now. But when he was just four weeks, he was so tiny in comparison: the way he clung to us then felt so much more primordial; he held on tight.

    Now, he’s coming up on the age where he’d rather let go, stand tall and explore the world around him. And we can’t wait to explore it with him.

  • What an Amazing Time It's Been!

    What an Amazing Time It's Been!

    Happy four months, Judah!

    Watching you grow up is officially the coolest thing your dad and I have done together. These first four months of your life have truly been a gift.

    Love always,
    Mom & Dad

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