I Always Feel More Pregnant Than I Look

In June, I took a picture of myself and asked the one friend who knew I was 10 weeks pregnant if she thought my blog readers would guess from the picture that I was pregnant.

This was the picture (at right):

I look at it now (at 37 weeks pregnant) and want to just smack my 10-week pregnant self because, NO, you do not look pregnant at all! You have no idea what pregnant looks like, clearly.

And then when I took this picture at 24 weeks, I thought, “Well, HERE we are at the big stage of pregnancy.”

As you might guess, 37-week-pregnant me is only slightly more impressed with that belly than she was with the 10-week photo.

I look back at the 40-week picture from my first pregnancy and my mind boggles that my body stretched out to hold a belly that big. And 37-week me is in complete denial that I’ll get to that size again this pregnancy.

40 Weeks Pregnant

Why is it that at every stage of pregnancy, you feel enormous, no matter what size you are? And when you look back five weeks, you think, “I did NOT appreciate how small I was back then.

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