What I Love Most About Being a Mom of Boys

Growing up, I always thought I wanted to have two kids: one boy and one girl. I guess once I got married I still sort of thought that, since I tried to convince my doctor that Bentley was a girl. He continuously assured me I was having a second boy and it turns out he was right. Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t disappointed at all; I was just stuck on some silly idea I had from my childhood.

But now that my two boys are growing and getting older, I find so many reasons why having two boys is the greatest thing ever!

For instance:

I didn’t have to buy a ton of new clothes! All of KJ’s clothes were passed down to Bentley. Okay, okay… I did buy Bentley a few new clothing items, only because the options are so darn adorable and hard to resist. But the good news is, they’ll last in case I ever have a boy again :).

Boys sure do love their mommas. Have you ever heard the term “momma’s boy?” Well, it is definitely a real thing. My boys are extra protective of me, extra snuggly, and seem to have a very special place for me in their hearts. It’s almost indescribable.


Diaper changes on boys are way easier. Because it doesn’t matter which direction you wipe! This may seem like it’s not a big deal, but once your baby has a blowout in a public place or where there isn’t a changing table, you’ll be glad that not as much detail has to be tended to when changing the diaper.

You don’t have to take as much time getting them ready. You just match their shirt and pants, and they’re ready to go. With girls, you’ve got to match the socks, put bows in their hair, and all that sort of stuff. Heck, with boys you barely even have to brush their hair! Haha.

All the boy products are becoming way cooler. It used to be that your only options for baby boys were baby blue hue or light green. Nowadays though, we’ve got so many gorgeous options for boys. They are masculine, yet baby friendly.

I think boys innately have this leadership quality about them. It’s just sort of a “man thing,” you know? Which, in my house, makes them less dependent on me. KJ likes to help me make his food and eventually he’ll be making his own sandwiches for school lunch. And Bentley hardly ever asks for help. He’s always trying to find his own way of doing things or keeps at something until he figures it out. They’re like tiny little men, getting stuff done and trying to help the one woman in the house. It’s so precious.

I wouldn’t trade having two boys for anything in the whole world. And if I never have any more kids, I can say I’m completely satisfied with the gifts my children are to me. I wouldn’t change it even if I could. You “boy moms” know what I mean, right?

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