What I Didn’t Know About My Partner Until He Became a Dad

When my husband and I got married we’d known each other for 6 years. We’d been through a lot: Talking late into the night about our hopes and dreams. Graduate school for me, medical school for him. Breaking up and getting back together. Moves and new jobs and a lot of growing up.

Through all of that, I thought I knew him pretty well.

The second we became parents, though, I realized that there was a lot that I didn’t know. Now I was seeing him in a completely different role: dad.

I wasn’t alone in this realization, either. These moms agree that fatherhood causes us to learn things about our partners that we never knew before. Some are funny and some are inspirational, and they’re all loaded with truth.

  • Nighttime Routine

    Nighttime Routine

    My husband is an incredible dad in so many ways. But the most surprising thing about him as a father is the nighttime routine he does with each of our twins. He tells them individual elaborate, creative, imaginative stories EVERY night. Then, he ends their goodnight routine by singing songs (from The Beatles to James Taylor to Holiday music) to each child. He’s been doing this for nine years and I imagine he’ll do it as long as the kids allow him!

    Laura Rossi, My So Called Sensory Life

  • A Different Kind of Lullaby

    A Different Kind of Lullaby

    I had no idea that my husband doesn’t know any childhood songs. Not even Itsy Bitsy Spider. He sings songs like “Patience” from Guns n’ Roses to our baby. Or he makes up his own, which are pretty funny.

    Elizabeth, mama of Bode

  • Hands on Dad

    Hands on Dad

    I never knew my husband would be such a hands-on parent. While pregnant he would bring up that he didn’t think he could change a diaper or get up in the night and at the time I’m pretty sure he was serious. Our triplets were born at 28 weeks and from the moment they arrived he never left their sides. I watched him gently lift our little boy to give him his first bath and laughed as he got squirted with an unexpected surprise while he attempted to change the first of many diapers. I never knew he would be such an amazingly loyal, loving parent.

    Jessica Watson, Four Plus an Angel

  • Dad by Surprise

    Dad by Surprise

    My situation is a little different. Mike never wanted kids; he never thought he’d be a “good enough” dad. So he was happy to meet me with my two kids since I had it all "taken care of." And then came Noah. Surprise. And what is no surprise to me (or anyone else who knows this wonderful man) is that he is an amazing dad. From day one he stepped WAY outside of his comfort zone and proved – to himself only, as we all knew he could do it – that he is more than “good enough” – he’s the very best.

    Sheri Silver, Donuts, Dresses and Dirt

  • Stay at Home Dad

    Stay at Home Dad

    I didn’t expect him to integrate so seamlessly into the SAHM world. We switched roles, right down to him taking my place in the weekly play dates with my mom friends. I figured he would get along well with the moms and enjoy the play dates but I thought he was just shy enough that he’d stick to being a dad on the edge of the group. I didn’t know he would be confident and comfortable being one of the girls.

    Robin, Farewell Stranger

  • A Wonderful Role Model

    A Wonderful Role Model

    I knew my husband would be a great dad, but I didn’t realize what a fun dad he would be. He loves getting in there and really playing with my kids. I didn’t know how much I’d come to love watching the nightly wrestling matches and tickle fights. I also didn’t really grasp what a principled man my husband is, or how strong his sense of integrity is. My kids have such a wonderful role model for a father.

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