What Happens When Dad Takes Baby to the Grocery Store

The other night I was at a long meeting so my husband Ryan took Beck to the grocery store. Since I’m usually the one that does the shopping, Ryan wasn’t aware that Beck has started grabbing at anything within reach. At one point Ryan turned his back and the following series of events took place (I was updated by the same series of photos via text):

  • The grab & first bite

    The grab & first bite

    Apparently the cart was parked a little too close to the tomatoes. Beck saw his chance to grab when Ryan turned his back and took a big, juicy bite before he was caught.

  • Grocery store snack

    Grocery store snack

    I guess it was better that it was a tomato than a spicy pepper. I think it’s funny how he’s clasping it with both hands as if he’s nervous it will be taken away from him.

  • Still holding strong

    Still holding strong

    Ryan said Beck wouldn’t let go even after paying for it and getting loaded into the car.

  • Happy little guy

    Happy little guy

    He seems to be so satisfied that he pulled off his trick and is still in possession of the tomato.

  • The remains

    The remains

    The demolished tomato in all its glory.

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