What Disney Baby Means to Me


I joined Disney Baby two years ago, but had no idea that this freelancing job would end up being so much more. I was familiar with the Disney Baby brand and had written about it a countless amount of times over on my site Child Mode, but it was just a company to me, one that happened to be my favourite. Over the past two years I’ve learned Disney Baby is much more than just a business, it’s a network, a family, a community.

What you read here on the site is a compilation of new product recommendations and personal stories, ones that pull on your heart strings. These stories are written by moms from different parts of the country. Moms with different cultural backgrounds and parenting styles. It’s been such an honour to work with these women on a daily basis, to have the ability to share their parenting joys and struggles along with you – the readers.

We have one of the most amazing editors here at Disney Baby. She’s so incredibly thoughtful, kind and genuine. Ekua – thank you for all you do. The light that you bring to our inboxes every day doesn’t go unnoticed and the kindness and thoughtful critic that you show us all is so appreciated. Truly!

My son has essentially grown up with Disney Baby and dare I say it… has almost outgrown the term “baby.” It’s incredibly bittersweet and I find myself trying to grasp on to that baby-like magic for as long as I possibly can.

Thank you Disney for creating a brand that cares about mothers of all ages, races, cultures and walks of life. The “magic” of Disney is not just a term, it’s the real deal. I feel blessed to have been a part of that magic during the first two years of my son’s life.

Most of all, thank YOU – the readers. Reading the comments from the moms on Facebook and here on the blog has been such a joy. It’s so nice to know that we’ve become a network of moms who support one another.

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