What 19 Months Old Looks Like

Oh, boy. 

Every month that goes by, I say to myself, time flies. I really just can’t believe that I don’t have a baby anymore. Grayson just turned 19 months old, and I feel like I just had him yesterday. Grayson is all about feeding himself, completely independent, and only lets me hold his hand. He pretty much thinks he is a complete big boy now and just longs to catch up with his sisters. He is just the sweetest. A few days ago, I was able to finally snap a few photos of him since he is always so busy — it’s hard to get him still on camera.

Take a look to see just what 19 months old really looks like. It’s just so fun! 

  • A Little Boy and His Ball

    A Little Boy and His Ball

    Grayson loves playing ball. Somedays it’s hard to get him inside!

  • Little Man

    Little Man

    Do you ever look at your little boy and see a little man? This is what happens when Grayson wears a button down. My baby goes from toddler to little stud. I love cherishing these days with him!

  • Always Smiling

    Always Smiling

    19-months-old is a fun age! Grayson is always so happy and loves life. He wakes up every morning with a smile on his face. It’s so much fun having a toddler.

  • Outside Fun

    Outside Fun

    We play outside a ton! It’s nice that he can run around and play with his sisters and I can just sit back and watch them. He loves being able to go to the park and play outside.


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