“We Survived”: Our First Birthday Party Theme

Our baby turned ONE last week. I can’t believe it. And I was so excited to plan his first party.

Growing up, my mom would always go all out with my birthday parties. I remember how fun they were, they were themed, they were elaborate. I knew the torch had been passed to me and I had to set the bar for all future birthdays with our son.

I spent months trying to decide on a theme without being able to. Then finally someone jokingly suggested the theme “We Survived,” and I thought it was hilarious and perfect.

So with that I put together a survivor/adventure party for our little man. Here are all the fun details!

  • Hello Adventure! Bub's 1st Birthday.

    Hello Adventure! Bub's 1st Birthday.

    This was the main spread for our Survivor/Adventure party. Complete with a cupcake tower, zebra cakes, cups-o-dirt, gummy worms, chips and Mexican layered dip. YUM.

  • The Cake Tower

    The Cake Tower

    Rather than get a big cake, we decided to have cupcakes and Rice Krispies for more options. Half the cupcakes were traditional, and the other half were gluten-free and agave-sweetened so parents could choose which was the best fit for their family.

  • Don't Feed The Animals

    Don't Feed The Animals

    At the door were safari animal masks for the kids. So, of course I had to add this little sign by the table of food… just for fun.

  • Wild Animals

    Wild Animals

    Our safari animal masks were a hit. We had them by the door when guests arrived.

  • Welcome to the Party!

    Welcome to the Party!

    This was the sign I made and the decor at the front door welcoming guests and asking them to let their kids pick an animal mask to wear and take home.

  • Survivor Tips

    Survivor Tips

    I had “Survivor Tips” through the house. This one was by the refreshment station. ;)

  • Jungle Juice

    Jungle Juice

    For our guests we had a special concoction of Jungle Juice. The kids (and grown ups) loved it. To make your own just use equal parts green tropical fruit punch and sprite and pour over ice.

  • Zebra Cakes

    Zebra Cakes

    This was such an easy addition, I just bought these ready to eat cakes, stuck white candy sticks in them and wrapped them. They are held in place with florists foam covered in moss. Easy peasy.

  • Smore's Favors

    S'mores Favors

    As party favors, I made these little jars of “S'mores To Go” which were chocolate rice cereal, graham cracker cookies, chocolate chips, and marshmallows. To make the animal jars, I just glued small animal toys to the tops of mason jars and then spray painted the entire lid.

  • Bubs' Safari Jeep Tour

    Bubs' Safari Jeep Tour

    I wanted to do something over the top and fun, so I used leftover Christmas boxes to make this mini Jeep. It was a full afternoon project, and I used almost all of my husband’s duct tape, but I think it turned out awesome!

  • Smores, This Way!

    S'mores, This Way!

    Outside, we had a big fire pit, lounge chairs, pennants, and a s'mores buffet.

  • Build Your Own Smores

    Build Your Own S'mores

    We had traditional s'mores (chocolate bars), caramel s'mores (with caramel chocolate candies), and peanut butter s'mores (with peanut butter cups). Guests could pick their favorites.

  • His First

    His First "Happy Birthday"

    I wasn’t sure how Bubs would react to everyone staring at him and singing but he actually loved it and smiled the whole time, bouncing to the song.

  • Cake SMASH

    Cake SMASH

    I was so excited (and nervous) for this. We never let him eat things this messy by himself or with just his hands so it took him a minute before he realized he was free to make a big mess…

  • He LOVED It!

    He LOVED It!

    Well I had no reason to be nervous because he LOVED his cupcake and made quick the crumbly, sticky, chocolate mess before deciding he’d had enough. Happy Birthday to my little Bubs.

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