7 Ways We Solve Our Teething Frustrations

Every mommy deals with it. Every baby experiences it. Teething is an inevitable pain that we all have to survive in the first years of our baby’s life. Baylor just turned a year old and is now working on his 3rd and 4th tooth. These two top teeth have been much more of a hassle than the two bottom were, and I’m scared that it only gets worse from here. Midnight crying sessions are something that we have become accustomed to during the growth of those two teeth. Thankfully, these sleepless nights and bad days come in waves. I try to make him as comfortable as possible because, of course, it shatters my heart to see him in pain. There are few things that seem to do the trick to cheer him up when he is frustrated with pain.

This is our list of things that are sure to make him feel better during teething:


Read a book: Baylor loves to pull every single book off of his bookshelf and flip through the pages of them. He listens so well and concentrates so well when I read to him. I think this is a sure way to take his mind off of his teeth!

Cold teething toys: He loves knowing on a cold or frozen teething toy or a mesh fruit bag with frozen grapes.

Go for a walk: I think I’ve shared before that nothing can make him feel better like going outside to enjoy some fresh air. He is definitely all boy!

Watch old videos: Watching old videos from when he was a tiny baby or learning to walk make us both smile so big!

Try a favorite snack: I created a full blown foodie when I had Baylor. He loves all food. His current favorite: Cheerios!

Wear an amber teething necklace: It is said that Baltic amber has many ways of helping to heal the body. In Baylor’s case, it definitely makes a difference in drooling and helps him to be more comfortable. *Note* Amber teething necklaces are made to wear, not to chew! We always remove his necklace when he is sleeping or unattended.

When all else fails…

We cuddle: The best thing you can do for your babe is give them a little skin-to-skin time when they are upset. We cuddle, sing, talk. Anything to cheer him up! And it always works.


These are the things that work for us when my baby boy is teething. What do you do to help the teething blues?

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