Want, Need, Wear, Read, Make, Do, Share, Feed: My Holiday Baby Wish List

With Hanukkah beginning just three weeks from tonight, my husband and I are in hardcore gift-buying mode… the holiday has really snuck up on us this year. We’re especially excited since this is Judah’s first Hanukkah and we can’t wait to build wonderful holiday memories each year. Since Judah will only be six months old for the holiday, it’s not like he needs a ton of presents.

I recently discovered a gift giving wishlist guide that features four main gifts: Something I Want, Something I Need, Something I’ll Wear, Something I’ll Read. Since Hanukkah is eight days long, I decided to expand it out to include four more categories: Something I’ll Make, Something I’ll Do, Something I’ll Share, Something I’ll Feed.

Take a peek at Judah’s Hanukkah wish list (really, his Mommy & Daddy’s wish list for him) to see how we’re taking a new spin with gift giving for our baby’s first holiday… and get inspired for your own holiday baby wish list!

  • Make, Do, Share, Feed

    Make, Do, Share, Feed

    I added four new categories to the traditional “Want, Need, Wear, Read” gift guide – Make, Do, Share, Feed. Come see what we have in store for baby’s first holiday!

  • Something I Want

    Judah has made it perfectly clear that he’s ready for solids: he grabbed a strawberry out of my hand this week! As we introduce him to new tastes and foods, this Mickey Mouse Teether by Sassy will make it both easy and fun!

    Get it at Babies"R"Us

  • Something I Need

    It’s gotten cold here in New England and our winters are no joke. Even though he’s not walking, Judah needs more than just the many socks I’ve been putting on his tootsies. These fun, funky boots modeled after Sully from Monsters, Inc. will help keep his toes warm during our late autumn strolls outside.

    Get them at the Disney Store

  • Something to Wear

    Judah is certainly not hurting for clothing (thank you Nana and Obachan!) but it can’t hurt for him to bundle up with his own warm jacket as the temps get colder. I love the personalization option available for this cute Mickey jacket!

    Get it at the Disney Store

  • Something to Read

    We want Judah to grow up to be a good reader with a love for books, so every gift-giving opportunity we have for him, we want to make sure we get him something to read. He already has the Guess Who? book in the “it’s a small world” series, so the “Hello World!” book would be a great addition!

    Get "Hello World!" at

  • Something to Make

    “Something to Make” is the first new category I added. I like the idea of Judah growing up with crafts and other activities where he can roll up his sleeves and get creative. Since he’s so little, we figured we’d start him with some blocks, like these soft Mickey & Friends blocks.

    Get them at the Disney Store

  • Something to Do

    Something to Do

    While physical gifts are nice, we value the importance of experiential gifts: these are the kinds of gifts that build memories. We’re thinking of getting a membership to the Boston Children’s Museum for Judah so we can visit whenever we like, then meet up with Daddy downtown after work!

    photo by The Linen Lavoir via Flickr

  • Something to Share

    Something to Share

    In Judaism, there’s an important concept called “tzedaka,” meaning charity. Just because Judah’s getting gifts for Hanukkah doesn’t mean he can’t give and share with others. We hope to instill a Hanukkah tradition where Judah gets to pick out toys to donate to Toys for Tots.

    photo by rusteek via Flickr

  • Something to Feed

    “Something to Feed” is a bit of a misnomer… it really should be something to eat – but “feed” fit the rhyme better ;) Judah is all about starting solids, so what better way to make mealtime more fun with this retro Mickey Feeding Set!

    Get it at the Disney Store

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