12 Inspiring Walt Disney Quotes for Parents

We all know that the magic started with a man and a mouse. And while kids of all ages continue to laugh and learn from the famous mouse, Walt Disney’s words can continue to inspire parents too. Here are a few of my favorites.

  • Stay Curious

    Stay Curious

    A great lesson to teach Baby, and to remember when you’re on your 5th game of Pat-a-Cake.

  • Baby Steps

    Baby Steps

    Whether it’s parenting or just getting the little things done once baby arrives, you can do it!

  • Keep Reading

    Keep Reading

    Just think of all the gold you’ll discover with Baby.

  • Chit Chat

    Chit Chat

    You’d be surprised how much Baby understands. Keep talking.

  • Go For It

    Go For It

    Keep trying new things … even if you do have to get a bit messy.

  • Dream Big

    Dream Big

    Enough said.

  • Believe


    … in Baby, in yourself, and in your family.

  • Pick Yourself Up

    Pick Yourself Up

    Learn from your mistakes … as a parent, you’ll make plenty of ‘em.

  • Laugh


    Your little one is the main character in your life. Laugh and learn.

  • Shine On

    Shine On

    Discover and celebrate Baby’s unique qualities.

  • Discover the Secret

    Discover the Secret

    Keep climbing…

  • Family First

    Family First

    Enjoy this precious, fleeting time with Baby.

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