Video Chatting with Baby!

After having spent a wonderful weekend with our families in New Jersey, it can be hard for our grandparents to be 5+ hours away from their little grandson until we next come down or they come up to Massachusetts to visit. Thankfully, we live in an ever-connected world that allows us to keep in touch with our families even more than before. We video chat all the time with Judah, and more than just keeping in touch with our grandparents!

Video chatting with Skype and FaceTime has been a great way to stay in touch with our long-distance families while giving them the chance to see Judah. But we’ve been using video chat since the day Judah was born, when Larry helped coach me through labor from 6,000 miles away in Japan! Thankfully both the Narita airport and my hospital had free wifi, allowing us to connect over FaceTime so that Larry could still “be there,” even if virtually.


While Judah was in the NICU, I had to go back up to Massachusetts for a weekend to take care of a few things at home. It was the first time I had been away from him since he was born, and I missed him terribly. I was so grateful when Larry called me via FaceTime and held the phone up to Judah’s isolette so I could see and hear him. It was a lifesaver that weekend.

Now, we use video chats mostly to keep our grandparents and families in the loop while ensuring they don’t miss all the little magical moments as he grows up. And we know that as Judah starts approaching the big milestones, like smiling more regularly and eventually sitting up, crawling and walking, they won’t miss those moments either because we can just whip out the iPads and show them Judah’s milestones live in real-time.

Do you use video chatting with baby? What other times would video chatting be helpful for you and your loved ones so they can see baby? Share your cool video chat baby stories in the comments!

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