Versatile & Simple Summer Side Dish for Busy Mamas!

Last night as I was making dinner and the steam rose up to my face as I drained the pasta – combined with the heat of the oven…I thought, nuh-uh. It’s time for full-on summer cooking.

Or less cooking, rather. More grilling on the BBQ and an array of salads and grilled veggie combos. Since I work from home, one might say that I have the convenience of starting dinner while I work – which is true, but that time still gets cut from my work-day and I have to make it up somewhere. While I enjoy cooking and baking, I’m all about meal planning, weekend prep and quick dinners that don’t involve boxed, pre-fab food.


I prepare double batches of crock pot type meals and versatile side dishes when I can; that work well for lunches and perhaps another meal side throughout the week. Which brings me to most recent culinary adventure. Coleslaw without mayo. (Avocado dressing come hither.) I had always considered homemade coleslaw to be a rather laborious task, but when I took the plunge, I realized how easy it was to make. 

Avocado Coleslaw RecipeBonus? Coleslaw is a salad that will keep for a couple, even a few days in the fridge – when all other leaf salads don’t. Especially when dressed. So fire up your BBQ, throw together this simple Avocado Coleslaw and kiss your oven goodbye. Especially on hot and humid day like today. Phew!

Also? Baby (stage 3 eater), and toddler approved. At least around these parts.

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