Vacation Fun on a Playground with a View

For our family, part of the joy of vacation is doing things we would normally do, but in a more interesting and beautiful setting. Our kids love doing new things, but there are some things that are favorites wherever we go. Playing on playgrounds is one of them. So even though we were in a whole new city with entirely different things to see and do and eat, what did both of my children get most excited about? The playground, of course! Luckily for Jarod and me, the playground we visited in Nice, France, had more to offer than just play equipment. It’s at the top of the hill, where the original city of Nice existed. Surrounding the playground are archeological sites where they have unearthed parts of the old city, and the sweeping views of the Riviera and surrounding countryside are nothing to sneeze at either.

Zinashi had been to this playground when we visited Nice before, and she was incredibly excited to go back. She described it to Elvie in detail, and while I know that Elvie understood very little of what Zinashi said, she definitely caught on to the excitement. When we arrived, she was not disappointed. She adored playing on the playground, and you can tell in these photos. Enjoy this little story of our afternoon at the playground in Nice.

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