Using the Disney Baby Lullaby Album to Facilitate Rest

Thanks to Disney for sponsoring this post and giving me the Disney Baby Lullaby Album for free.

A couple months ago I shared the naptime struggles we had been having. My sweet Lola was only taking power naps, and at 8 months, we were still striving to establish a more consistent schedule. Now that summertime is here and time is made for unplanned picnics with big sister and various local adventures, consistency continues to be a challenge. Nevertheless, deviating from our routine from time to time for more moments shared with my girls has been worthwhile, and to be honest, Lola has done well with the constant changes to our routine.

However, for the past month one thing has been the same. Naptime is to the tune of a magical soundtrack filled with sweet songs perfect for naptime. Each day we are home for naptime I turn on the Disney Baby Lullaby Album and rock my sweet baby in my arms. Sometimes I will sing along getting lost in her eyes — watching as they grow heavy to the tunes that fill the bedroom. Naptime has become even more special for me; Lola turns 11 months next week, and with each rock, I find myself almost holding my breath knowing that I wish these moments could last a little longer.


The idea of using the album as a way to facilitate rest came to me when I thought of my college years, most of them spent working at a child care center. Every day for naptime the teachers would turn on lullaby music. Not only was it soothing, but the children came to associate the music with rest. So far it has worked and on most days Lola will sleep for an hour to two hours, something I once referred to as a “miracle.”

Around the time we started listening to lullabies at naptime, we began having Daddy be the one that rocks Lola to sleep at night. On occasion I still do, and often will if she happens to wake up (something she frequently does as she isn’t sleeping through the night just yet), but him doing it gave them a chance to bond after he had been at work most of the day. It also allowed her to continue to see that Daddy can be a source of comfort for her too.

I shared with my husband how we listen to lullabies at naptime and even tried it at night when putting Lola to bed myself. Not long after, one evening as I sat in the other room working, I heard music playing and smiled. He was rocking our baby girl to the tune of lullabies. Ever since, each night we again turn on the Disney Baby Lullaby Album to facilitate rest.

Although, now typically only once a day, I continue to be grateful for naptime. The occasional power naps still allow for all the sweet things that I previously shared, but my heart takes some comfort knowing that my little angel is getting some extended rest during the day, and her mama is getting a chance to get a few things done and have some one-on-one time with big sister. This all actually gives way to more playtime and an even happier baby, one who is ready to partake in afternoon adventures with her mama, and for the remainder of her summer, big sister too.

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