Using Bath Toys Beyond the Bathtub

Thanks to Disney for sponsoring this post and giving me the Minnie Mouse Stack and Smile Cups from Sassy for free.

Around here we don’t limit our “bath toys” to bathtime. I’ve discovered there’s something magical that happens when I hand Lola a toy that was specifically reserved for a sudsy sea an hour before bedtime. After the (occasionally) perplexed look fades from her face she begins to play. She’s not inhibited by unwritten rules because really who says bath toys can only be for bathtime?


One of the things that I love about most bath toys is they are the perfect size for little hands, which means they are also the perfect size for my baby’s hands, purses and car consoles. Drop them on the ground and simply find the nearest sink or grab a baby wipe and within a few minutes baby is back to playing.

Our Minnie stacking cups haven’t made it to the bath just yet. They’ve been on car rides, to church, in the playpen and in our pretend kitchen. But what stands out most is that over the past couple of weeks they’ve been in Lola’s hands time and time again. This simple toy has kept her intrigued and engaged. Not to mention the added advantage of hand eye coordination and perception building that comes with stacking (and all of the other uses Lola has for them).

I see a spring filled with outdoor water play or maybe a place to sort Cheerios and blueberries. I see music makers as she clanks them together while dancing around the living room.

I see these things because parenthood has taught me that when you give a child a toy the possibilities are endless, limited only by your imagination.

Tonight as she splashes in her tub they will be bath toys but come morning they’ll simply be toys.

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