8 Beautiful “Up” Baby Shower Ideas for Parents-to-Be

Being a parent is certainly an adventure! Tell Baby “You will always be my greatest adventure” with an Up-themed baby shower — just in time for the film’s eighth anniversary.

Ellie and Carl’s love story in the movie Up gives me all the feels. Having met my own husband as a kid (well, 15), I can totally relate to their story of growing up and adventuring together. Add in their love for exploring, and I’m smitten with the story.

From uplifting decor to Wilderness Explorer approved activities, Up offers a whimsical and heartfelt party theme. Here are a few ideas.


House Guest Book
Christie from Raising Whasians shared an adorable recreation of the Up house, perfect for using as a guest book. Have guests make a thumbprint “balloon” as they enter for a sweet, personalized momento of the day. Younger guests might appreciate a printout of their own to finger paint during the celebration.

Balloons Galore
Let the brightly colored balloons that transport Carl and his charming home guide your decorating for an Up-themed baby shower. An oversized bouquet of balloons is a must. Since Mama’s probably ready to pop, the collection of balloons would make a cute photo op.


Adventure Book Party Favor
No adventure can begin until you’re packed! This suitcase display from Wendy Updegraff doubles as an Adventure Book party favor. Make guests their own scrapbooks to record their adventures. Or fill the suitcase with craft supplies & have crafty friends make scrapbook pages to fill with baby’s adventures.

Adventure is Out There Decor
Add some vintage flair to your baby shower with vintage postcards, maps, and travel posters. Even the villainous Charles Muntz would agree — your celebration should capture the spirit of adventure Ellie and Carl had from childhood.

grape soda pin

The Highest Honor: the Ellie Badge
I’m normally not that great at being the center of attention, but was so thankful for the sweet ways that guests at my baby showers made me feel special. For the mama, welcome her into the “club” with Ellie’s Grape Soda Badge pin. If Dad will be attending too, make sure he’s sporting Carl’s bow tie.

Kevin’s Nest
How do you catch a snipe or a room full of women? With chocolate! Set up a dessert station full with chocolate bars and other treats. Wash it all down with some grape soda.

Paradise Falls Collection
Ellie and Carl set aside their spare change for a travel fund to Paradise Falls. Guests can contribute their nickels into an empty glass mason jar for a babymoon for the parents. If Baby’s due date is near, perhaps the fund could be updated to “Paradise Falls University” and start Baby’s college fund.


Wilderness Explorer Games
Mommy Musings snapped this shot of the Wilderness Explorers badges outside Disney’s Animal Kingdom. To keep your scouts entertained, play Wilderness Explorer themed games and pass out badge stickers to participants. Explore the wilderness of unusual baby products, having guests
write their proposed purpose. Be a friend to all, be a plant or fish or tiny mole, and quiz guests on the baby names of certain animals. Did you know a baby armadillo is also called a pup?

With such a charming love story and happy color palette, an Up baby shower would be perfect for any about to embark on the adventure of parenthood.

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