Unusual Ways to Get Baby to Sleep (That Can Surprisingly Work!)

I’ll never forget the days as a new mom. My oldest daughter was not the best sleeper and I was still adjusting to life with very little sleep. There were moments when she was so tired, but would fight sleep like it was her job. One day, I had her in her swing and started vacuuming just to pass the time. After only two minutes of running the vacuum, I looked over to find her fast asleep. I squealed with joy as if I’d just performed a miracle.

Here are other strange ways that I’ve gotten any one of my three children to sleep (when sleep didn’t seem like an option anymore).

1. Blow Dryer: Kids love that white noise. Before I invested in a white noise machine, I’d run the hair dryer for a while to get the kids sleeping soundly.

2. Bumpy Car Rides: We all know that riding in the car is like a sleeping pill for a baby, but my oldest hated the car. That was unless we went on a bumpy brick road, and then it was like magic. She loved the vibration of it.

3. Shushing: When my youngest was born, he loved the sound of me shushing him. So I’d sit there for what seemed like hours, saying shhhh…. shhhh.


4. Bouncing Up and Down: My oldest daughter didn’t sleep a lot at night, so my husband and I would take turns with her in her infant car seat bouncing up and down our hallway to try to get her to sleep. The toughest thing was trying to transfer her into the crib once she fell asleep.

5. Taylor Swift: Yes, you read that right. My youngest son loves Taylor Swift. Shake It Off was like Brahm’s Lullaby for him.

6. Tracing fingers down their face: I once had someone tell me that if I softly trickle three fingers down their face from their forehead down to their chin, it will help them fall asleep faster. It’s only worked a handful of times, but I’ll take what I can get.

Just for fun, I also asked other moms what worked for them. Here’s what they said:

“With my middle child, we would dance — swing and sway — to Frank Sinatra. He would fall asleep on my shoulder.” – Shannon F.

“He will fall asleep if I’m walking or making a bouncy motion on my back in the Tula :)” – Valerie M.

“My mother-in-law could only get her to sleep on the stroller pushing her back and forth, or on a hammock!” – Maribel C.

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