The Unforgettable Moment from Our Baby’s First Bath

Thank you to Disney Baby for sponsoring this post and giving me the Swaddler Bath Towel for free.

A few days after our baby come home from the hospital, we gave her a bath.

Of course, the older girls were absolutely enthralled by the idea of this tiny girl getting a bath, and they wanted to be involved as well.

They crowded around the big tub in our master bathroom while we washed her hair and rinsed off her little body in our small baby tub. She was calm and quiet, looking around with big eyes at what was going on.

And then, my oldest daughter (age 4) spotted our baby’s umbilical cord stump.

“What IS that?” she asked.

We explained what it was and that it’d be falling off soon, but despite this, she burst into hysterical tears.

“I don’t like it! I want it to go away! I can’t even look at it!”

Fortunately, the stump fell off within just a few days and all was well again at our house, but I don’t think we’ll be forgetting that memorable first bath any time soon.

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