Turning 2: Elvie’s Simple and Fun Farm Animal Party

When it came time to plan Elvie’s birthday party, I knew just what she would like. Her very favorite books involve animal sounds, and some of the ones she makes with gusto are farm animal sounds. I planned a simple party around a farm animal theme, and everyone had a good time, especially Elvie. We invited our guests to come by for cupcakes, snacks, and pin the tail on the donkey, and the rest of the magic was made by the people who came to celebrate Elvie turning two. It was a lovely little party, and we are so happy with how everything turned out. Here are some photos of the food, the decor, and of course the birthday girl.

  • Elvie is Two!

    Elvie is Two!

    I love celebrating birthdays, and I especially love planning parties at home for my children. We had an open house for Elvie’s birthday with a farm animal theme. She had a blast.

  • Streamers make things fancy.

    Streamers make things fancy.

    An easy and affordable way to decorate is with streamers, and Elvie loves them. My husband did an amazing job putting streamers up above the food table.

  • Simple and delicious food

    Simple and delicious food

    Finger foods are where it’s at when it comes to keeping a party simple but fun. We had a ton of fruits and vegetables with dips, plus chips and dip, and cheese and crackers. For the cake component, we had cupcakes.

  • Party favors are on the cupcakes.

    Party favors are on the cupcakes.

    I really love making my kids’ cakes for their birthdays, and for Elvie’s party I made both chocolate and vanilla cupcakes. I didn’t have the time to make goody bags, so I put little plastic farm animals, which I ordered online, on top of each cupcake. Each person could choose the animal they wanted on the cupcake flavor they preferred, then take the animal home as a party favor.

  • A variety of thirst quenchers

    A variety of thirst quenchers

    We set up a serve yourself drink area with water, sparkling lemonade, and apple juice. Everybody really loved the sparkling pink lemonade, so I’m filing that away as a standard drink offering for future parties.

  • Pin the tail on the donkey, with prizes!

    Pin the tail on the donkey, with prizes!

    Our place is small, but there was room in the hallway to set up a game of pin the tail on the donkey. Every child got a lollipop and stickers when they played, but one lucky winner got a big chocolate bar. It was definitely a hit.

  • Balloons for decor and party favors

    Balloons for decor and party favors

    I love items that do double duty at parties. We always get balloons, and then we let each child choose a balloon to take with them when they leave. While searching for farm animal stickers online, I found some that could be adhered to balloons to make the balloons look like animals. Elvie loved these.

  • A custom birthday banner

    A custom birthday banner

    A friend has an electronic cutting machine, and she cut out hearts and letters for me in the colors we were using for the party. All I had to do was punch holes and string them together on some twine I already had. My husband hung it in our front window, above the window seat where we had guests set the gifts, and it was just perfect.

  • A very happy birthday girl

    A very happy birthday girl

    Of course, the most important part of a birthday party is making sure that the birthday girl is having a good time. Elvie loved her party, and she especially loved it when everyone sang her Happy Birthday. She didn’t really want to blow out her special candle, but that was okay. She had plenty of help for that task, and was more than happy to do the most important work of eating the cupcake and then opening her presents. It truly was a delightful party, and we are so glad we got to celebrate our sweet girl with so many people who love her.

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