Adventures at the Doctor’s Office!

Grayson and I headed to the doctor recently, and I couldn’t help but document our adventure. Because, well — it’s truly an adventure with my very busy 16-month-old. Stuck in a room that isn’t baby-proof, Grayson had a field day. And you’d never know he was running a 102 fever and had a double ear infection. While he might be trouble at the doctors office — he’s a sweet little trooper!

  • Patiently Waiting

    Patiently Waiting

    Whenever we are in the waiting room, Grayson takes it all in. It’s so fun to seem how he interacts in a room full of people. He usually is smiling at someone.

  • Hey, Mom!

    Hey, Mom!

    I am ready to get my check-up. Me? I’m not sick!

  • Do You Think Anyone Will Notice?

    Do You Think Anyone Will Notice?

    You would never know this little guy has a double ear infection. He’s trying to escape before the doctor arrives. It’s never been such an adventure at the doctor’s office before.

  • Moving Furniture

    Moving Furniture

    You would never know that we only were waiting a few minutes before the doctor came in the room. Grayson was just busy, busy, busy!

  • Mr. Trouble

    Mr. Trouble

    Such a busy bee! A typical boy, Grayson just has to check out everything. Yes, he went through all of the drawers.

  • Getting Tired

    Getting Tired

    We went to see the doctor since Grayson had been running a fever and was constantly pulling on his ears. But — you’d never know he was sick by these pictures. I think someone is finally ready for a nap.

  • Explorer


    And yes — I mean, every drawer. Does your little guy feel the need to explore while you wait?

  • What? No Way!

    What? No Way!

    Yes, it’s amazing how one little boy can smile through a double ear infection and a fever. After the health issues he’s had throughout life, he always manages to make us laugh. Even after a doctor visit.

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