Tried-and-True Tips: Surviving Long Plane Rides with a Toddler

Next week we’ll be taking two long flights, one that’s 4 hours and one that’s almost 8 hours. To say I’m nervous is an understatement. Just thinking about it makes my stomach churn. Beck is at such an active stage that it’s hard to imagine keeping him contained and content for that long of a time. So in preparation, I did what any modern age mom would do — turned to social media for advice. And I got some great tips. Here’s what some experienced moms had to say:


– Make a cheerio necklace for fashionable snacking
– Look for animals in the Sky Mall magazine
– Fun snacks
– Load up the electronic device with apps and movies
– Call the airline to reserve a baby cot if available (I had no idea these existed)
– Magnetic puzzle books
– Painters tape is as fun as stickers but easier to remove
– Wrap up new toys and open one every hour
– Lollipops!
– If flying at night, bring pajamas and mimic the normal bedtime routine
– Turn your camera phone to face you and take lots of baby selfies

My rule is to only move onto a new activity when he’s absolutely sick of the last one. If he’s content watching the iPad the entire time, no problem.

Have any more tips you’d love to share? I’ll take all that I can get!

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