The Trick That Finally Got Our Baby to Drink from a Cup!

My little Clive has always LOVED to nurse. Our experience has been a pretty wonderful one, which was such a relief after struggling so much in my nursing journey with my daughter. The only downside to having a little one who is such an eager and proficient nurser? Well, sometimes they aren’t so willing to drink from other vessels.

My daughter always took a bottle like a champ, so imagine my surprise and confusion when I discovered that my son actually loathed bottles. I tried quite a few, but he was not having it. Eventually I decided that this wasn’t a battle I wanted to fight since nursing was pretty convenient for me, so I went with it, assuming that once he hit the magical six-month mark, we could introduce a sippy cup for water and pumped milk or formula and he would get on board. Unfortunately he continued his protest.


We invested in plenty of sippy cups and although this one was great, he still never completely found his groove with them and often preferred to simply chew on the spout. Sigh.

But, then one day I caught him stealing a sip of my daughter’s water…FROM A STRAW! He gulped down her water with unparalleled enthusiasm as if it were his first time truly experiencing it’s thirst quenching magic. Who knew straws were the secret to our baby’s drinking success?!

Ever since we’ve introduced straws, it’s been a brand new day in our house. Clive loves drinking water, milk and even smoothies from a straw and it’s no longer an endless struggle or epic mess getting him to do so. Straws are magic, I tell you!

If you’re on the hunt for a good cup and straw combo, these Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse ones are adorable. Plus the handles look great for little ones with still developing motor skills!

Happy sipping!

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