15 Ways My Toddler and I Are Just Alike!

There are ways that I wish I was more like my toddler. Then, there are moments when I realize that we’re much more alike than I thought.

Here are 15 ways my toddler and I are just alike!


1. We resist sleep, but in the end, we always succumb.  My little one rarely wants to nap, but once she’s out, she’s out. Same goes for me. I mean I want to nap, but the “to-do list” often makes napping feel like a luxury. Even so, I’ve been known to drift off to sleep while putting my toddler down. At times, I’m no match for heavy eyelids and a good lullaby, especially at nighttime. It’s not unusual for me to wake up in the middle of the night asking myself how I managed to fall asleep when I had so much to do before bed!

2. Cuddling is our favorite.  She and I both love to cuddle.

3. Daddy makes our “owies” hurt less.  When Lola gets hurt, she will show her daddy and tell him, “Ouch, it hurt.” He will rub it, kiss it, or give her some cuddles, and she will feel better. When my heart is sad and I tell my husband, his words and hugs comfort me too.

4. We get “hangry” (hungry + angry).  We both tend to get a little cranky when we are really hungry. Having healthy snacks on hand is a must. Not just for our sake, but for the sake of those around us.

5. We don’t always realize we’re hungry until we see someone else eating.  Sometimes we don’t realize how hungry we are until Sister or Daddy sit down to eat a snack. Then of course, we ask them to share. These days it’s common to hear Lola say, “I want some.”

6. We’re criers.  We’re both “feelers,” which means it doesn’t take much to make us cry.

7. We love to be silly.  We both have quite a silly side (although she does more than her mama). We love laughter.

8. We have our moody moments too.  We both have our off days (doesn’t everybody?).

9. We squeal for ice cream.  We find frozen yogurt and ice cream to be irresistible.

10. We sometimes forget to use our words.  It’s obvious when we are upset. Lola is learning to to find the words to express how she feels, while I am learning to remember to use them to express my feelings and thoughts rather than expecting people to know or waiting for them to ask.

11. We love our mamas.  Lola showers me with so much love. The other day, she asked to give me a kiss. I wanted to freeze that moment; it was just so sweet. At 30 years old, I adore my mother just as much as I did as a little girl. I will never outgrow her affection.

12. We thrive on routine, but aren’t opposed to deviating from it.  I’m not opposed to trying new things, but I find comfort in the familiar. I understand that things happen, but I like knowing what’s to come. Toddlers tend to thrive off of routine and structure, and while Lola will typically “go with the flow,” she benefits from having a regular routine.

13. We love hard.  When we love, we love all the way.

14. We love books.  We both love a good book.

15. We make up our own lyrics.  If we don’t know the exact words to a song, we’ll just make up our own.

What are some things you have in common with your toddler?

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