8 Gifts an Expectant Mom REALLY Wants

It wasn’t too long ago that I was expecting my second child, a mere 8.5 months after my first was born. It was during those pregnancies that the blissed out, glowing mama depicted in media quickly became some kind of sick joke to me.

In retrospect, I loved being pregnant, overall. I was one of those women, who even though I experienced some downsides to pregnancy, felt empowered and beautiful. I’m sure it had something to do with the infertility I struggled with for years before.


There were times that I wondered things like, why it was called morning sickness when it was ALL. THE. TIME. Or when I felt the complete opposite of beautiful; more like a stuffed turkey with no energy to do anything and a mood not many wanted to tango with. That was my first trimester, with both pregnancies — somewhat more intense during my second. It’s different for every woman, but the one thing that remains the same is that gifts? Shiny things? Presents? They help us get through all of the tough times, help make us feel attractive again and perhaps lift us out of a funk.

I’ve rounded up the Top 8 Gifts That Expectant Mothers REALLY Want. Because I know these things. It’s not rocket science. Most pregnant women will tell you they want these things themselves, but it’s nice to be surprised every once in a while and not have to spell everything out.


  • Guaranteed To Please...

    Guaranteed To Please...

    No matter what her birthing values and ideas are – these gift ideas are guaranteed to please all kinds of expectant mothers. Click through for some great ideas!

  • Pamper Her

    Pamper Her

    Hook her up with a back and/or foot massage, pedicure and/or manicure. A day at the spa covering all of these things is highly recommended - try the spas at Disneyland, Aulani, or Walt Disney World. Not in your budget? You can be the masseuse, the aesthetician. If you’re not that great with your hands, there are some great videos you watch online brush up on your rub down skills.

    Photo Credit: Alternatives For Health

  • The Perfect Lounge Set

    The Perfect Lounge Set

    Ladies, you know what I’m talking about. I purchased one when I was pregnant with my first, and it featured a large cowl-like collar, giving it a little sass that I could throw on with just about anything, even after pregnancy. The pants served me well during both of my pregnancies and in postpartum. Now that my babies are toddlers, you know I still rock them when I’m huddled on the couch watching a movie.

    Available from Motherhood

  • Jewellery & Accessories

    Jewelry & Accessories

    We may not be able to control the directions in which our bodies expand, but we can definitely rock some stylish jewelry and accessories. I know I had a difficult time feeling pretty (forget about sexy), at times when I was pregnant. A gift of a funky purse or necklace from one of my favourite jewelry designers seemed simple enough, but put a smile on my weary face.

    Available via Melanie LeBlanc Jewellery Objets D’Art.

    Also shop the Disney Jewelry collection by PANDORA.

  • Yoga / Fitness Classes

    Yoga / Fitness Classes

    Coupons or a membership to yoga classes for pregnant mommies did it for me. My partner made a point of taking care of all of my pregnancy and postpartum yoga and fitness classes, a gesture which won him some major brownie points and was much appreciated.

    Check out yoga at Aulani!

    Photo Credit: Baby & Me Fitness

  • The Gift of Photography

    The Gift of Photography

    Take the time to find a good photographer if you don’t know of one and purchase a gift certificate for a pre-natal photo shoot or birth photography (if she’s into that sort of thing). This is something a bunch of people can go in on together as it’s one the pricier side of things to choose from on this list. So very worth it.I had it done with both pregnancies, this picture is from my first.

    Photo Credit: Red Works Photography Studio

  • Books


    The mother-to-be in your life is no doubt stocking up on books. Especially if it’s her first pregnancy. She will be overwhelmed and inundated with information, advice, theories and rules. Rather than adding to that pile madness, opt for getting her a beautiful journal that she can record in, or a collection of positive birth stories, or a beautiful book of pregnancy art or pregnancy photography.

    Homebirth In The Hospital available on Amazon

  • Satisfy Her Cravings

    Satisfy Her Cravings

    Hook her up with some gift certificates to her favourite restaurants or even to that local bakery she adores. Take her out for dinner or lunch. Be mindful to remember what she shouldn’t be eating, what she is turned off of and go so far as to know what odd cravings she may be having. And always…ALWAYS make those late night grocery store runs to satisfy a craving. If you don’t they will get all gangster on you.

    Photo Credit: my very good friend Mel The Tiger-lily

  • Bath & Body Care

    Bath & Body Care

    Put together a kit of goodies that an expectant mama can put to good use while she’s pregnant (a good belly balm), with some choice times that she’ll need come postpartum. Items like nipple cream, an herbal bath soak and a luxuriant all over body oil or cream will be well received.

    Peas In a Pod Mama-To-Be Survival Kit available via Baby On The Hip

    Also try the H20 Plus Collection from Disney Parks!

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